Wednesday, February 28, 2007

State of the Province Address - 2007

What is the Western Cape Government doing for its citizens? What are government's priorities for 2007? What's being done about drugs (especially tik) and gangs, crime, housing, social security, jobs, 2010, our changing climate and the economy in our province?

Read my State of the Province Address presented in the Provincial Legislature on 16 February 2007 to find out.

I welcome your comments.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

Uno de Waal said...

It's great to see that you have a blog. I'll be keeping an eye.

Rafiq Phillips said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. For Cape TOwn, this is huge.

Ebrahim Rasool said...

A big 'thank you' to Anonymous, Uno and Rafiq and all those who have responded to my new blog. I have taken note of your comments and the suggestions made by others - and look forward to hearing more. Indeed, blogging is a great means of interacting with the public we serve, in a way that our government has never explored before. Of course this is very new to me too and it is going to take some getting used to, so don't be discouraged if I haven't responded to your comments sooner. Contrary to popular perception, the Premier and government officials generally work very hard to deliver on what we promise our citizens. I hope to be able to hear from bloggers both in and outside our province and to take advice from them. For the moment, I will be testing this blog as a medium of interaction between my government and all our people. I need not tell you that access to the internet, and therefore blogging, is still very limited in our country. This creates immense challenges, not only for my blog and its sustainability as an interface between our government and citizens, but it also has a range of implications for the way our people access information. Nonetheless, I am keen to see how this works and I am certainly encouraged by the responses we've already received.

Best regards, Ebrahim Rasool.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the premier is using various media to reach the people of the Western Cape! Good move, Mr Rasool!

Anonymous said...

Good day Premier, my concern is the tremendous tourist attractions of the western- and southern cape but spoornet is totally missing from the picture. no passenger service to mosselbay, outshoorn, and beyond. no passenger service to saldanha or vredendal etc.

many cars and many buses during holiday periods lead to accidents and, unfortunately, fatalities. There is a market for a professionally run cheap rail passenger service. lets bring safety back to travelling.

thank you.

aLan said...


I join my colleagues Rafiq and Uno in thanking you for using this medium. I know it's not your first time and I also look forward toall your future posts.

In the meantime Premier, I am disappointed with what has happened with ICT in the Western Cape Government. A few years ago, you merged KEEG and ICT and now e-Government is lost! If you are serious about economic and social development, having a blog is just not enough. We need a more broad based information society if there is to be a future for our children.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, and keep it up. I would like to see more regular contributions in order to follow your direction and also to be informed first hand, instead of relying on gossip and warped perceptions through rumour.